Piatto Basso+

The Basso is the lower version of the Piatto, including a beautiful Sicuro.

Piatto Basso+ - Large - Dark Grey

The Piatto Basso+ is a beautiful specimen. It has the same features as the Quoco Piatto, but is only slightly smaller. It has a beautiful Sicuro (ring of oak wood around the plancha), which makes the Basso+ an absolute eye-catcher. In addition to its protective role, the Sicuro has another function: it can be used to put something on.

Length (cm):
Width (cm)
Height (cm):
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Piatto Basso+ - Large - Dark Grey
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Piatto Basso+ - Large - Corten

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Piatto Basso+ - Medium - Corten

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Piatto Basso+ - Medium - Dark Grey

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